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 World of Shinma

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PostSubject: World of Shinma   World of Shinma Empty2010-10-02, 4:53 am

A world full of life, where nature is a wonder to behold in even the smallest of nooks, and danger is ever present - From both monster and man alike. Shinma is a realm that has seen great strife since the God's birthed it into existence. Her lands have been torn apart by wars, from petty to ruthless destruction, taking many generations to mend. At times, not mending at all. These lands of the world are vast with a timeless history. Much that once was has long been forgotten in the stories and records of man. Only in the memory of a select few do the terrors of the world still live vividly.

Of all the towns and villages the realm has seen, six have stood the test of time, becoming grander and grander as the world moved on. Many flocked to these cities during times of war in the past, namely the wars of the Dragons, causing an influx of stability that has lasted even through the wars of men. The age is currently 2013 ATD, a time that has seen the awakening of the Dragons from their hibernation, the dawn of the second Dragon War.
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PostSubject: Re: World of Shinma   World of Shinma Empty2013-06-17, 10:05 pm

Update: Gave a new summary of Shinma. To be added in the future to this forum will be the history of Shinma, listing what is IC knowledge or where it can be learned of, and what is strictly OOC knowledge unless found out via an event/being-informed by one whom knows IC.

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
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World of Shinma
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